Example plot

This plot is a project-level Gantt chart, with PhD-related endeavors on the Y axis and time on the X axis. The white dashed line marks today, and the white-shaded rectangle indicates speculation. The color of each bar represents the percent completion, with the lighter color indicating full completion and a darker color representing more left to complete.

Here is a sample plot with my own project data included. Below is a place to upload your own data (locally) for local visualization.

Sample Dataset:

Task Start Finish Completion_pct
0 Aim 1 2019-09-25 2022-02-28 100
1 Aim 2 2021-03-05 2023-03-15 50
2 Aim 3 2023-01-05 2024-08-16 0
3 Internship 2022-11-15 2023-4-15 0
4 Classwork (Plant) 2019-09-21 2021-06-10 100
5 Classwork (CS/Stats) 2021-01-03 2022-06-10 100
6 Practicum 2022-07-11 2022-10-07 100

Download a sample dataset here:

Sample Data

Visualize your own dataset:

You can visualize your own dataset by following this link to the heroku-deployed app!

Progress-vis on Heroku